Becoming Centered!


Published: 09/19/2011



Life is hectic, crazy, overwhelming, and chaotic; all of which can happen in the same day. The routine of daily life along with the surprises that come to us without notice, sometimes have the ability to shake our foundation and knock us out of our box. The hard part is realizing that we have been knocked down and coming up with a plan to get back on our feet.


Often times we hear the phrase that we must become centered in order to handle the winds of life. But the question remains for so many..."How do I become centered?" This may sound easy but if you are like most, it is very difficult to turn off the million questions running through your mind or to stop adding to the mental "to do" list. Getting centered can be a job in itself. We are so accustomed to instant gratification and automatic solutions that we have a hard time working to achieve inner peace. Let's face it, we have a hard time being still!


The truth of the matter is that we must still our minds to find inner peace. The issue is how do we let go of our fears, worries, doubts, discomforts, disappointments, and insecurities in exchange for a little peace. Simple: let it go!!! In order to make room for peace, love, joy, and happiness you have to let go of emotions that currently occupy space. Do not become an emotional hoarder. Emotional clutter leads to depression, anxiety, and hypertension. Your goal is to become one with yourself. Get rid of emotion junk.


Also, you have to be willing to be alone with you. When you become centered, you are in full agreement with your heart, mind, spirit and soul. You have to be willing to silence your own negativity to hear the true essence of your inner being speak. Underneath the negative chatter, your mental "to do" list, your preconceived notions about self, and other people's stuff that we constantly take on, is your true authentic self waiting to be heard. This is often referred to as our inner voice. This voice will not scream, compete for attention, or force itself. This voice will simply wait for your attention and will only be heard in the stillness of your being. This is the voice that guides, informs, inspires, and empowers. It carries your true desires.


This is why it is so very important to become still. Your instructions and resolutions are often found in your stillness. Don't be afraid to be alone with you. Get quiet. Get still and become one. You do not have to force it, you will hear exactly what you need to flow in your own current. There is a benefit to becoming centered!