Foot Massages Lead to Better Health?


Published: 10/27/2011


The benefits of reflexology extend far beyond the mental relaxation that comes along with the massage.  Did you know that having a foot massage can be of great benefit to the functional health of your body?   That foot massage is doing more than bring you peace, it is actually helping to remove toxins from your body.  You thought you were just having tension and pain removed from your beloved arches, however, a lot more is occurring than you may know.
Reflexology can be used as a safe, noninvasive relaxation therapy.  It can help reduce symptoms such as headaches, body aches, anxiety and digestive problems that arise in many medical conditions.  Reflexology encourages improved circulation and restores the body's natural balance.  When a body is in balance, it allows for healing on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
There are over 7,200 nerve endings and each area of the foot is part of a zone that corresponds to all of the glands, organs and systems of the body. When these zones are stimulated, the corresponding area is helped and benefited in a positive way.  Pressure is applied to the foot, and sometimes hands and ears, and this stimulation will help to remove energy blockages in the zone that is being stimulated. This helps to improve circulation to that zone and throughout the body, causing the body to work as its own natural healer.
The digestive system can have great benefits from reflexology to help the system run efficiently and effectively. Reflexology improves blood flow to the intestines and this stimulates better digestion. With better digestion, the food is broken down and moved through the system more efficiently. Painful digestion is eliminated and constipation will improve, and can even be eliminated since food will travel through the system faster.
Reflexology increases blood flow to all areas of the body.  This helps with circulation.  You may notice that you have increased awareness of your thoughts.  You may have clarity that you did not have before the massage.  Ease into the therapy of reflexology.  Your feet and mind will thank you.