How to Choose a Yoga Retreat - 8 Things to Consider


Published: 10/19/2011


Do you need to get away for some time to regroup and collect your thoughts? Have the stresses of life you feeling overwhelmed, distraught and downtrodden?  You may need a little me time to relax, relate, and release.  Have you ever considered a weekend at a yoga retreat?  You may have heard of one and figured that it is not for you.  Not all retreats have you sit in silence and drink green juice all weekend.  There are a lot of options out there.  You have to choose what is best for you.


Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.


1.    Instruction - Make sure the teaching style at your retreat is to your liking and within your ability.

2.   Goals - Make sure you understand the goals of the yoga retreat you will be engaging and that their goals match well with your personal aspirations.

3.   Facility - Get an understanding of the program's facility and how the yoga program utilizes the retreats facilities. Practical ramifications of this information may affect how you will dress and therefore the clothes you need to pack

4. Experience - Cross-reference your own research with the first hand or word-of-mouth experiences of previous attendees. Don't be afraid to ask if they would return or what their progress has been since visiting the retreat.  Do a google search for reviews of the retreat or ask if you can speak with someone who has had a particular experience.

5. Travel - Just as you plan your itinerary; make sure there are no holes in your travel plans. Some retreats are in outlying areas.  Verify and confirm all return-trip information weeks before departing. Investigate the cancellation policy in case of inclement weather.

6.  Budget - Your budget should include all costs associated with travel and the yoga retreat. Be especially clear about meal and travel provisions. Are extras such as spa treatments, mats, blocks and other classes included or are they extra?

7.   Experience - Many yoga retreats cater to practitioners of different levels. Some retreats are prone to accept beginning students while others prohibit the beginner.  Most important is matching your experience level with the program's stated experience levels. 

8.   Climate - Do you want to be in the tropics so you can lie in the summer when you are not in a down dog?  Do you want to be able to hike in beautiful surroundings?  Check the weather before leaving.