How to get started with raw foods


Published: 10/24/2011


Have you noticed that organic "natural" food is no longer limited to a small aisle in the grocery store?  There are a variety of super markets and specialty stores that now cater to the organic food markets.  The organic lifestyle has made its way to mainstream and has garnered a lot of attention.  The introduction of the raw foods diet has also raised eyebrows with regards to health conscious individuals. 
With the rise of the raw foods diet, there are many questions and concerns as to ways to implement the diet into a healthy lifestyle.  Some facts may surprise you as well as help you to see that it is quite easy to make the transition.  Here are some ways to get started with raw foods:
 -Start your day with 16 oz of pure water and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Then have a powerful, nutrient-packed green juice, or smoothie made with greens such as kale and fruit such as apple.
-Begin lunches and dinners with a salad and some fresh homemade Raw dressing, maybe dress the salad up with avocado or soaked nuts/seeds. Another option is to have Raw soup as a starter before your meal. If you snack, eat fresh fruit or raw vegetable sticks, and/or drink fresh, powerful nutrient-packed green juices as between meal snacks instead of other snacks. Drink pure water between meals.
-Start by reducing or eliminating junk food, packaged snacks, fried foods, caffeine, alcohol, white sugar, and white flour. Here is the first step: Go through your cabinets and just throw them away. Don't say, "I'll just eat these but not replace them," actually toss them out. Ceremoniously, if you like. Your life is about to change.
- Reduce or eliminate animal products, especially red meat and pasteurized dairy products.
- Reduce or eliminate cooked starches, especially wheat.
As with anything, go slow.  Don't rush into a new way of eating without seeing what works best for you.  You may have to make modifications.  Listen to your body!  You will know if the raw foods diet is best for you.